Friday 28 September 2012

Dynamics CRM 2011 - User Settings Tool


You can download this tool from

CRM2011 User Settings Tool can be used to update the user settings of multiple users from one location. The Administrators can select users for whom they want to change settings like Default Pane, Default Tab, Records Per page, Timezone, calendar, start time, end time, email settings and some miscellaneous settings.

You don't have to depend on individual users to update these settings.

The CRM 2011 User Settings is available as a managed solution.

Once you import the solution Go to SettingsàSystemàUser Settings as viewed in screenshot below.


Click on the text “Silverlight User Settings Tool”. A Silverlight control is opened in a new window as viewed in below screenshot.


You can select the users for whom you want to change the settings. Change the settings and click save.

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