Friday 14 September 2012

Comparing Ribbon Workbench and Visual Ribbon editor


You can download Ribbon Workbench from

You can download Visual Ribbon Editor from

1) Visual Ribbon Editor is available as executable file whereas Ribbon Workbench is a managed solution.

2) In Visual Ribbon editor you cannot customize system buttons whereas in Ribbon Workbench you can.

3) In Visual Ribbon editor you have a simple button whereas in Ribbon workbench you can add split button, flyout and different options are available. The Visual Ribbon Editor Tool allowed the simple addition of buttons and groups to existing tabs, but any more complex scenarios such as drop down menus, changing the ‘out of the box’ ribbons or adding new tabs was confined to the realms of editing page upon page of hard to understand xml which is now possible with Ribbon workbench.

4) In Ribbon workbench you have to specify a solution whereas in visual ribbon editor you only specify the organization.

5) Visual ribbon editor seems to be faster in updating the changes.

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1 comment:

  1. In Visual Ribbon Editor, when we create and remove buttons, Rules and Actions are still left in the XML; leaving a mess when we've done so many things.
    Yet, it's still the best tool for quick preparation of prototypes and minor ribbon customization.