Wednesday 1 October 2014

The one and only Drag and Drop listbox

Hello Everyone,

I hope you do well today.
We are pleased to share following updates related to the “Drag and Drop listbox” add-on.

       1.       It is upgraded to CRM 2013 now.

2.       It uses HTML5 technology instead of Silverlight 5.0.

3.       It can be accessed in tablet devices too.

4.       It can be configured on multiple forms of an entity.

5.       It now stores the data into many-to-many relationship instead of coma separated value as an attribute of an entity.

Additionally, the organisation level license is now available only @ 125 USD. 

So, download the trial version using the below URL and take the benefits of all above features of one and only, the “Drag and Drop listbox” .


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