Friday 18 January 2013

CRM 2011 On-premises – Custom SSRS reports are blank, no data.

Did you ever add “Domain\MachineName$” as a User in Dynamics CRM on-premises? Sounds odd..

Recently I have faced an issue with SSRS reports and Dynamics CRM 2011 on-premises deployment (development ORG) wherein the reports were running well and fetching the expected data in BIDS solution but unable to show the data when I upload this report to Dynamics CRM. There were no errors as such but the report was blank, no data. Additionally, the report was fetching the data when you run a report on SSRS report server. Huh…

To resolve it I had rechecked the complete configuration of this report in BIDS as well as at Report Manager. I had uploaded another report and no luck with that as well. In fact none of my custom reports were able to fetch data.

After doing some search on net I found below thread,

As specified in this thread, I re-entered to Report Manager and at that time I saw that many reports are deployed and published by user like DOMAIN\MachineName$. Then I added the same person (DOMAIN\MachineName$) as a User in Dynamics CRM and this change had resolved the problem.

Did someone else ever face such issue before? If yes then please feel free to comment on this post with your understanding of the problem and resolution.


  1. That is a not for sharing. I faced this before and ended up creating a custom connection in ssrs and changed the report to use that connection every time I published it.


  2. sounds like an impersonation issue. Are you able to run built reports like User Summary report? Are you using filtered views or something else to retrieve data?

  3. IF you use filtered views, then you need to use SQL AD security, and a user that has access in CRM. Filtered views have a function that filters records based on their permission inside CRM. If you use SQL views that are not filtered then you can use any user that has access to the views and tables.

  4. Thanks that really really helped!