Friday 5 October 2012

Dynamics CRM 2011 - View Layout Replicator


As the name suggests View Layout Replicator is useful for replicating same view layout in other views of same entity.

You can download the View layout replicator from


Run the View Replicator executable file and a window is displayed as viewed above .Select Load Entities as highlighted in image above you will get a window to select connection as viewed above. You can even add a new connection from this window.

Select an entity from the list and the views of the entity are loaded as Source Views and Target Views.


Select the view which you want to change as ‘Target View’ and select the view to which you want to replicate as ‘Source View’.


After selecting Source and target views select the Save Views option as highlighted above. A message is displayed as above. Select the ‘Publish Entity’ option which is next to the highlighted option. On publishing the entity the changes are reflected in the view.


  1. Um... Doesn't Save As accomplish the same thing?

  2. No, "Save As" is NOT the same thing. "Save As" will copy a view and create a new one, which is rarely as helpful as modifying all six or seven standard views to all look the same. This tool, which is awesome, copies the layout from an existing view to another existing view, essentially repeating the layout of the fields and their order. If you've ever created an entity before, you'd understand why this so incredibly helpful.

  3. I can definitely see a use for this. I often want several of the views to list the same columns in the same order and have to go edit each one individually. Cool idea.

  4. Hello Mark,

    Thank you for a response.
    The response provided by Mark is absolutely correct.
    Here, "Save As" helps you in creating a new view by copying any of the existing view.