Friday 30 March 2012

Limitations of OData EndPoint in CRM 2011

1) The $format and $inlinecount operators are not supported. $filter, $select, $top, $skip, $orderby are supported.

2) Maximum 6 expansions are allowed using $expand operator. Querying a multi-level relationship property is not supported i.e. One level of navigation property selection is allowed.

3) Page size is fixed to max 50 records however it can be changed by doing changes in advanced configuration settings but it is not recommended.

4) When using with distinct queries, we are limited to the total (skip + top) record size = 5000. In CRM the distinct queries does not use paging cookie and so we are limited by the CRM platform limitation to the 5000 record.

5) Conditions on only one group of attributes are allowed. A group of attribute refers to a set of conditions joined by And/Or clause.

6) Arithmetic, datetime and math operators are not supported.

7) Order by clause is only allowed on the root entity.

8) Only Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete actions can be performed on entity records.

Messages that require the Execute method cannot be performed.

Associate and Disassociate actions are performed as updates.

9) Authentication is only possible within the application; Use of the REST endpoint is effectively limited to JScript libraries or Silverlight Web Resources.

10) The OData protocol is not fully implemented in CRM 2011. Some system query options are not available.


  1. - Not all operators on $filter are supported.
    - Some date functions not supported.

  2. Excellent article...

  3. Hey Ankit,

    I am working updating 59 records using Odata in Silverlight.

    and i have total 59 records to update from the Collection

    and i am not able to update these records at a time..

    is it due to the Page Size Limit?

    Please let me know page size also applies to Update Operations.

  4. Hi, may be. I'm not 100% sure. Did you validate it after amending the page size?

  5. Sorry to mention you that, I am working on the CRM Online so I can't change the Page Size Limit.

    1. Hey Ankit,

      Please let me know my assumption is correct for the Update Operations.

      Waiting for your reply.

    2. Yes, due to 50 records limit you cannot update 59 records together.
      Can't you break the records in two parts?

    3. hhmm ok.. I will find an alternative solution for this.

      Thanks for the Help.